By: Jennifer S. Gonzales
Teacher III
Balitucan National High School


The COVID-19 pandemic paved the way for school leaders and teachers to reach out to their communities in ways they had never done before. Now that we are facing educational crisis, partnership of the school and the community plays an important part especially in the implementation of the Modular Distance Learning in our country.

In the beginning of the school year, the community has already been engaged in the initiatives of identifying the suitable modality of learning for every location. Some stakeholders in the community contributed even in providing machines for the printing of the learner’s modules. Teachers have the chance to meet the parents in school for the distribution and retrieval of modules and answer sheets of the learners. Many parents communicate regularly with the teachers regarding their children’s lessons. Likewise, teachers communicate with the parents regularly regarding the progress of their children.

Strong partnership is developed in this time of health crisis. Teachers now have regular communication with the barangay officials regarding the MDL. The school considers to include what networks the community utilizes to raise awareness of the needs of the learners. Many parents learned how to communicate with the teachers using the internet. Some parents learned to use the technology to reach out for their children’s concern in school. Different strategies were embraced by the teachers and parents to support their children at home. Teachers collaborate with the parents even in monitoring the television-based instruction for the learners. Teachers seek the help of parents in making sure of the learner’s TV access for every subject.

There are so many opportunities we can achieve when we expand our vision of school to include our community especially now that we are working on a distance learning modality. When we find ways to connect with the right people in the community, reaching out our stakeholders, we always make a difference and that the outcome is always positive.

One of the best ways to connect and create partnership is when we find time to talk to the people in the community. Communication is another way of letting them feel that they are needed, they are appreciated and they are very much welcome in our school.

Strong partnership of school and community is sharing the school’s dreams for the learners, asking people what matters to them, asking them how they might help, and showing them passion, inviting them to reconnect, to collaborate and share their experience, skills and time. The success of our education for this school year needs to come from many parts of the community. Teachers and school heads acknowledge the significant contributions of parents, barangay health workers and barangay officials in having a safe and orderly school-home learning environment.