By: Jennifer S. Gonzales
Teacher III
Balitucan National High School

Engaging with our external stakeholders is always an essential part of our job in school. The success of our school program or project depends on how we engage our stakeholders. We can accomplish more if we learn to attend to the people who can help us in putting our goals into reality.

Considering the basic process in engaging with our stakeholders, we need to identify who our stakeholders are, and what our goals are for engaging with them. Our stakeholders may be individuals who can support our plans, groups who can share their time for our projects or whole organizations who can help bring available resources. The more we engage many stakeholders, the more chances of achieving our plans. We just need to learn how to influence each stakeholder in order to achieve the results we want.

One important thing we need to develop is understanding. The more we understand things about each stakeholder, the more effectively we can engage with them and influence them. We need to always have limitations in our time, prioritizing our interactions with them and allocating our resources accordingly. We need to focus and take time to understand just whom we have available to support us in the engagement process.

In engaging with our stakeholders, it is necessary to manage how we communicate with them. This involves the preparation of the messages we will give, the approaches we will take, who tackles each assignment and when, and how we will gauge and handle the feedback we will get. This is where we engage our stakeholders and seek to harness their insights and influence their attitudes. We need to be open-minded if we encounter resistance. We need to handle this positively in order to remove it where possible. Having powerful insights can help us assess and handle resistance.

When we let our stakeholders feel like being part of our school programs and projects, we build communities of the same interests. Stakeholder’s participation increases, strong relationships and collaboration develop when we let them feel important. With all of these, we will win the support of our stakeholders.