By: Jennifer S. Gonzales
Teacher III
Balitucan National High School


The Department of Education trainings for teachers in this time of health crisis are organized through webinars. These are online seminars like conferences, demonstrations, trainings or teachings or events that are designed to give information either one- way or interactively. A webinar is an educational dimension of the COVID-19 pandemic, a learning atmosphere which requires new methods in communication as well as newly learned online pedagogy.

Webinars reach thousands of teachers with unlimited topics, different seminars for professional development. They provide a venue for teachers to share practices, ideas and resources. These are ways of providing learning opportunities for every teacher to become more empowered, creative and innovative.

DepEd webinars have run since March 2020 and have covered a range of topics like the Learning Delivery Modalities(LDM) for Teachers and School Heads, The Use of Information Communications Technology(ICT) for Public Elementary and Secondary Teachers, The Effectiveness of ICT in Education, Google Meet, New Normal in the Educational System and many other important educational topics.

The teachers now can attend or join webinars even at home to listen to different professionals, different experts all over the Philippines. Teachers increase their professional learning, additional professional resources, and access to technology resources.

Through webinars, learning opportunities for teachers remain inclusive and accessible. Different topics given create opportunities for educators to examine their work and how different tools and resources can enhance their learning. Teachers started to embrace changes in how they plan, teach, guide, and work with students in this health crisis.

COVID-19 created a critical incident that caused us to change our teaching practices and the way we interact with our learners. The rise of webinars responds to these changes and address them with a range of topics for the teachers to become ready with a view to maintaining the continuity of learning. DepEd conducts webinars for teachers as the safest option for the current scenarios bringing all educators from the different places into a single venue for learning.