Ricky Mangulabnan
HT-1/OIC, Pulong Gubat High School

          Great leadership is a key to success in any school. The school should have an effective school leader. His leadership not only sets the school for long-term achievement, but it ensures that there will be sustainability long after.

          In school setting, the school head must be multi faceted as he/she deals with other administrators, teachers, supports staff, students and parents. It is not an easy job but someone’s got to do it the school head. He should have the expertise in leading the various sub groups that will effectively work with and support every person in the school, as well as, its community as a whole.

          The school head must possess the command of transformation for the school. As a transformational leader, he is sometimes called as the quiet leader. He is the one that leads by example. His leadership style tends to use rapport, inspiration or empathy to engage followers. Known to possess the courage, he is confident and the willing to make sacrifices for the greater good.

          Possessing a single-minded, he needs to streamline or change things that no longer work. As a transformational leader, he motivates worker and understands how to perform them into integral units that work well with others.

          As head in the school, the transformational leader is trained to have the ability to be well-organized and expect his teachers and staff to be creative. His instructional leadership and management operations should have his team to be oriented and expect to work together to achieve the school’s targeted Learning Environment, Parents involvement, community partnership, and human resource management, and development for learners’ learning progress and holistic welfare. These are all achievable and should all be reflected in the key result areas (KRA) of the school.

         Transformational leadership works well in organizations such as the school where better changes are needed. The leader should have excellence at communicating new ideas, the experience in building strong coalitions, and establishing mutual trust. His ability at balancing short-term vision, long-term goals, integrity, high emotional- intelligence, empathy with other is a must. Transformational leadership is not the right fit for new organizations where no structures exists. Though the success of the school head may vary in terms of strategy, temperament and leadership style, but they all should have the common in terms of taking the responsibility for the school success. This not only by hiring effective teachers but as well as leading and teaching or provide training for his school workforce for the learners’ progress and school welfare. Another thing is having good connection or rapport with the schools stakeholders in order to build a strong, good, and reputable school community. Effective transformational leadership is not about more on giving orders. It is viewed about leading thru social persuasion, personal connection and shared leadership. We should be reminded that if we want something new, we have move on to the new and better ones and to stop doing on the old ways.