Jhoanna G. Sazon
Teacher III, Floridablanca Elementary School

          I cannot say that I am perfect enough as a teacher but being in this field over years made me noticed all the diversity and uniqueness of every student. Behind all these, teachers should always consider something in teaching. In this article, I will break some of my learnings and strategies that keep me moving for over 10 years.

1. Create your own journal

          In this journal I will write the things that are effective and not. This will serve as my teacher’s diary. Normally I write down things that strengthen me and evaluate those that weakens my teaching and my students. It is important that every day we evaluate ourselves as teachers. This is important for development. We can also distinguished the things that actually works and lastly we could learn from these.

2. Always improvise

          Teaching in public schools should always be practical and aesthetic. It means that we should be creative but we should not waste a lot of money to materials because money inside the school especially in public is always an issue that is why we need to be creative enough by recycling and improvisation of materials. This requires commitment because it will take you hours of designing to achieve a finished project. Nevertheless, this will pay off once you see your students happy with what you did.

3. Collaborate with other teachers

          This is helpful because you will be able to ask tips about other experiences. We can do this like a routine that every day we talk to our co-teachers and make sometime to contemplate and strengthen each other. This habit is healthy for the teachers and the school. Having been notified with other struggles makes you aware of things and being notified with others triumphs encourages you to endeavour and be proud of others.

4. Established your character and routines

          It is vital to set up a routine and stick to it. The students at this age crave structure and knowing what is next. Additionally, this will be your character to the students. Once you enter the classroom they already knew what to do, they knew your mannerisms, likes and dislikes.

5. Love your job be yourself

          For professional purposes, I used the word job for teaching but for us it is more than a job. Furthermore, if we love what we do, we can be effective. Another thing is be yourself but the best version of you. Add some humour and make the class always happy. Regardless of every tips I included it is also important that you always asked guidance to the Lord for everything you do as a teacher. After you pray, do your best and God will do the rest.