Analee M. Rigor
Teacher III, Jose Escaler Memorial School

          Leading other people is a stimulating challenge for a leader. How well you lead your people is the primodial factor in order for your organization's success. There is a need for you to facilitate, inspire and transform in order to become an effective leader. These can be done if you know your people and you know their capacities and capabilities. As a leader you must also know the existing resources. Knowing these, you can now develop a framework in which everyone can operate comfortably and set challenging goals that will motivate and inspire.

          A leader must always be aware of the mission, vision and goals of the organization. He must see to it that every member of the organization is aware and fully understand these vision, mission and goals so that they will also working towards their fulfillment.

          As a classroom teacher, you lead people - your learners. You must have your own sets of goals and that is to inform, reform and transform your learners into becoming not just intelligent but productive children as well. Your learners must be aware of these goals so that they will be with you in accomplishing these goals. Always remember that working together towards a shared goal gives people a sense of ownership and responsibility and builds an atmosphere of team spirit.