PASSHT Leadership Conference
Melinda S. Dayao
Head Teacher III, San Carlos San Luis National High School

          A total of 277 head teachers (HTs) and teachers-in-charge (TICs) of departments of the secondary schools of SDO Pampanga displayed true leadership when they attended the Pampanga Association of Secondary School Head Teachers (PASSHT) Leadership Conference amidst bad weather on August 9, 2019 at Shepherd’s Palace Garden and Resort in Candaba, Pampanga.

          This event was graced by Dr. Leonardo D. Zapanta, CESO VI, the Schools Division Superintendent of Pampanga who expressed gratitude to the members of the association for their support to his administration. He also recognized the roles they play which contribute to the success of the programs of the Division of Pampanga.

          Madam Rowena T. Quiambao, Assistant Schools Division Superintendent (Secondary) who also serves as the PASSHT Adviser delivered an inspirational message to encourage members to support the programs and activities of PASSHT.

          With the theme, Staying Relevant through Self-upgrading, the said conference was part of the work plan of the Association to upgrade members on the true sense of leadership, recharge in performing their duties through sharing of best practices and assist them in taking ownership of their career path to be essentially certified “indispensable.

          To achieve these goals, the high-ranking officials and top caliber speakers of the Division of Pampanga were invited to discuss the topics, “On becoming champion leaders and 3S + T Leaders”.

          Mindset for growth and development was discussed by the School Governance and Operations Division Chief, Dr. Arceli S. Lopez. She emphasized the importance of mindset in becoming champion leaders. She mentioned that if we change our mindset, everything will follow.

          SGOD Chief Lopez also delved on the significance of learning and personal growth in leadership. According to her, providing quality of service should be a way of life. She also shared insights on the values of people and how wonderfully each one is created by God.

          The second speaker, ASDS Rowena T. Quiambao, focused on the essence of Shepherd, Servant, Steward and Transformational (3S+T) Leadership in the journey of head teachers and teachers-in-charge. She started her talk by asking the participants the question whether they were born or made leaders. She also asked them to create and share their personal definitions of Leadership.

          Just like the first speaker, Madam Quiambao emphasized the importance of investing on learning and development. When sent on a seminar, participants should be attentive and active during the seminar.

          She discussed further the Five M’s in Developing the Leader in us. These are Model, Mentor, Monitor, Move Back and Multiply. She explained the connections of the 5 M’s on the roles of the PASSHT members as leaders. According to her, if these would be applied into their lives, they will be blessed with what they want because they will develop their leadership and even duplicate themselves. The morning session ended with a group activity.

          In the afternoon, an energizer was done to relax the participants before the sharing of group outputs as a prelude to the continuation of the discussion on the 3S + T Leadership by ASDS Quiambao.

          To ensure that there will be no misconceptions and anxieties on the career path of Head Teachers in the future, the presentation and sharing of Jose Carlo L. Tongol, HT-III of San Matias High School followed. He provided the participants with updated information he learned from attending training and seminars on the Head Teachers Career Path when new teaching positions will finally be approved.

          Before the sessions finally come to an end, an update on PASSHT memberships and concerns on financial matters were deliberated and agreed upon.

          The conference ended with PASSHT members gaining new insights and having fresh outlook and positive attitude towards becoming champion servant leaders.