SDO Pampanga Presents DMEPA Report
Michelle D. Mejia
Education Program Specialist-II, SMME&E

          It has been the practice of the Schools Division Office (SDO) of Pampanga to present the quarter accomplishments of the different units, sections, and functional divisions in support to the attainment of the objectives of the Office Performance Commitment Review Form (OPCRF) of the Schools Division Superintendent.

          The activity is done periodically in preparation for the Division Monitoring, Evaluation, and Plan Adjustment (DMEPA) presentation at the Department of Education – Regional Office 3.

          The activity aims to realign the different programs, projects, and activities of the support divisions, units, and sections to the OPCRF objectives; validate presented quarter accomplishments, consolidate quarter SDO accomplishments; and finalize quarter DMEPA report.

          Last June 10, 2019, the 1st Quarter DMEPA report for 2019 of the division was presented after the Morning Ritual of the SDO personnel. The activity was spearheaded by the School Management Monitoring & Evaluation (SMM&E) under the School Governance & Operations Division (SGOD) as the section-in-charge of DMEPA. The first quarter accomplishment report was presented by Asst. Schools Division Superintendent in the Secondary Mam Rowena T. Quiambao, CESE, to the Internal Monitoring & Evaluation Team (IMET), Unit/Section Heads, Education Program Supervisors, and Public Schools District Supervisors. The report includes both quantitative and qualitative information relevant to adjustment of plans and strategies.

          The implementation of DMEPA every quarter in the SDO follows certain key stages/phases, namely, Pre-DMEPA, DMEPA Proper, and Post-DMEPA. The first phase (Pre-DMEPA) covers Data collection, Consolidation of FD’s accomplishments, and Reporting of Balances, Reasons for Balance, Value -Added Contributions, Issues & Resolutions, and Lessons Learned. The next phase (DMEPA Proper) includes Validation of quantitative & qualitative information gathered by the IMET as well as Reporting. The final phase (Post-DMEPA) focuses on Adjustment of Plans and Report writing.