Fonotics on the Move...
Dominic Sunga
Principal, Tarik Suliman High School

          The first ever roll-out of the Fotoklase Project KnOW (Knowledge On Wheels) started its journey last February 02, 2019 at the coastal heart of Masantol, Pampanga and hosted by the known home of the brave Tarik Suliman High School with 30 students along with other 20 students coming from Malauli High School and Sapang Kawayan High School respectively. The said event highlighted the art of photography by Sir Meo Remalante. This comes in just a nick of time for the youngsters on their leisure pursuit of taking photographs. The photography seminar- workshop using Smartphone aims to equip youngsters with the knowledge for visual arts and create a common interest and awareness of local tourism and livelihood potentials through photography as well as to empower the youth to express their ideas using the knowledge and skills in our digital world. The workshop was organized by Sir Nelson Gonzales, FKK representative in cooperation with our ASDS Madam Rowena T. Quiambao and in coordination with Ma’am Dorie Soliman together with the school heads from Tarik Suliman HS, Malauli HS and Sapang Kawayan HS as supported by the Local Government of Masantol headed by Hon. Danilo S. Guintu and LGU-Tourism Officer, Ms. Mercy Manansala.

          With these, fotonatics students were given the rare opportunity to get to know more about the basic and essentials of photo shooting using simple Smartphone. At first, question lingers in my mind during the pre-orientation. What makes a person photographer? Is it enough to point and shoot with a camera to be a photographer? As session goes on, the primary insights hanged at the frontal lobe of my brain is the first rule of photography. That is to take your camera with you. After all, it makes a lot of sense – no camera, no photos. Being a photographer takes time. It takes constant practice, it takes a bunch of learning, and it takes wide artistic quality. It takes more than just pointing and shooting. This is what I’ve learned and realized of becoming a photographer. As participant’s displays their amazing photo outputs for just a day of workshop, you cannot imagine how surprising and amazing their outcomes. Thanks to Sir Meo and his team for the wonderful time spent to our students and teachers. This is a one of a kind experience that will be forever treasured in the hearts and minds of our lucky fotonatic students. It was a day of mind-enrichment twirl and fun-filled activity as lead by Sir Meo Remalante, a retired UP professor and renowned local artist of the country with his passion in photography.