Jhoanna G. Sazon
Teacher III, Floridablanca Elementary School

          The most common misconception about elementary teaching is stereotype “Oh! Elementary students they must be so cute, I think it is really stress free and it is full of fun to teach them.” Well sad to say, it is not always elementary.

          Let us not forget that fact that grade school students are quite cute but to teach them is incredibly hard as well. In the same way, parenting children is exhausting as well as teaching them. I believe that part of the reason that these problems remain unacknowledged is because teaching young children is viewed as care work. And as Anne Marie-Slaughter has so argued in interviews about her book, "Unfinished Business," we as a society devalue care work. It's no wonder then that the younger the students you teach, the lower your salary. But even if this make sense it would still be pretty hard for the teachers. If a child poop you are the one responsible to clean the him/her. If a child had any ache, you are also responsible for them.

          Additionally, children’s ability to comprehend instructions is still developing, so elementary teachers must have expertise at breaking down complex concepts and explaining them clearly. They must also be concise enough to accommodate short attention spans. Teaching young students also requires some observation skills, as students do not necessarily have the ability to express or awareness to explain their misunderstandings, feelings or behavior.

          Teaching is not always easy but with the right approach, it could be. Elementary teaching should not be degraded because it is a challenge for a lot of teachers.