Jhoanna G. Sazon
Teacher III, Floridablanca Elementary School

          How can you encourage a student to attend school eagerly on a daily basis? How can you make your classroom irresistible for students? How can you change the stereotype “school is boring” that the society perpetuated to the children’s minds? These questions baffled the teachers for ages. What we do not know is that the solution for this problem relies on us the teachers.

          The atmosphere inside a formal classroom-based education always depends on the teacher regardless of the setting; though we know that this is a factor by any means still the teacher could saturate the students with preferred ambiance inside the interiors of classes. In my 10 years of teaching I have been through the most unpleasant classrooms, this is patently in public schools. One thing I learned is that despite of the awful condition of the classroom still you could transform it in to a home sweet home. I remember one time I was teaching in a not so good-looking classroom and then in order to motivate my students I asked them “what are your dreams in life?” Suddenly one of my student named Jamella raised her hand and enthusiastically answered me that she wanted to be a teacher. As a part of the motivation, I told them my story that I was once a student like them and I said the same thing that Jamella replied to me. I also mentioned to them that I told myself that one day I will replace my teacher and I will be the one to teach in the school. It was unbelievable that the exact classroom where my teacher Mrs Zenaida Ronquillo used to teach me was the same classroom I am teaching that time and so I told Jamella that one day she will replace me in the exact classroom as well. On that day I realized that despite of that classroom being unattractive the stories inside of it makes it most beautiful among other classrooms. These amazing stories happened inside a classroom. That is because that classroom is not just a room but also a home.

          These stories depicted the importance of teachers to someone’s life especially on their establishment of foundation. Classroom should always be a comfort zone to students, this is in every positive aspects. A student should not be terrified inside the classroom. He/she should feel home. Home is where you can learn things by discovery, this is a place void of fear from being mistaken. A student is not afraid to commit mistake because he/she knows there is someone who will correct him/her doings. Home is a place where you can fall, cry and stand up again. This place is where you first learn to speak, to write, to draw, to colour and to make your first step. We say school is like home, but do students feel the classroom as their home? On the other hand, is this what they call “Hell” for them?

          Have you ever thought of the classroom as a home for students? Where they first learn everything, not by forcing them to learn rather, they enjoy? Wherein they are being moulded as a person by encouraging words and not by shouting? If you are a teacher the student is in your hand, you are the parent. You live with them inside a home, and parenting is not an easy task. Be a teacher, be a parent. Build a classroom build a home.