School Head, Bulac National High School, Minalin, Pampanga

          The movie Avengers Endgame has a lot of people drawn into cinemas in the last few weeks and has already shattered box-office results in a span of several days. Millennials can learn a thing or two about the characters developed in the movie Avengers Endgame.

          The two leading superheroes in the movie have distinct leadership styles of their own. Iron Man is a genius billionaire and philanthropist and had created much of the gadgets and technology to defeat their arch nemesis Thanos. On the other hand, Captain America is a natural-born field commander and the heart of the Avengers superhero team and was able to assemble the Avengers at his will.

          For brawns, Captain America had the leadership style that exudes authority because of his natural strength as a leader. A leader who is strong enough, physically, spiritually and mentally is an attribute of a leader that someone can lean on in times of crises or problems. He or she can be a reliable and dependable leader for the people he or she serves. For brains, Iron Man is a genius that helped the Avengers defeat their enemy. He may not be as strong as Captain America, but his intelligence and wisdom in fighting the enemy had given the battle their much needed victory.

          In schools, we also often see these two types of leadership, each in their own unique ways of serving the students and teachers as well. There are leaders who show the way in leading their constituents using their skills and strength like in achieving their respective goals during Brigada Eskwela, or during earthquake drills and sports activities where physical strengths are needed. While there are school leaders who show the way when needed in Science Quiz competitions, Robotics, Speaking contests or even in Press Conferences. They are the leaders who lead the way when it comes to academic skills.

          Whether it may be brains or brawns of a kind a leader that you are, the heart and soul of leadership resides in the heart. When one is to fulfill the challenges that is your midst, remember to fully give your best shot and God, the supreme leader in our life, will always be there with us every step of our way.