Education Program Supervisor, SDO Pampanga

          Obviously, the teachers provide the key component in realizing transformative education. They embody the core of the process of education. The teachers’ commitment, dedication and creativity are decisive to the the success of transformative education. Recognizing this, progressive schools take priority investment in their teachers, providing them the proper support and condtions to develop and realize the goals of transformative education.

          Social commitment and dedication are essential for a teacher who makes the difference in providing quality and transformative education. This is so because transformative education requires greater effort, discipline and creativity on the part of the teacher who invests in the preparation, develops creative lesson plans and must always be on the look-out for materials and ways to continously improve the lessons. He or she must develop the aptitude and skills for relevant and democratic teaching. She or he must hone himself or herself in popular teaching methods.

          Furthermore, the tranformed teachers not only perform their regular duties in the school, but also shoulder the myriad activities of participating in the movement for social transformation and transforming the education system. This calls for a lot of work and a lot of time spent out of sheer commitment and without pay.

          These activities include participating in fora, seminars and the like which advance their awareness of social issues., linking with other sectors in addressing specific and general issues of concern to the people, contributing their time and skill to information and education campaigns to conscientize our people and even directly integrating in marinalized communities in a process of providing direct social service and deepening one’s commitment.

          In the final analysis, it is the teacher who has a stake in transformative education. The enlightened, commited teachers find their fullfillment in transforming education and using its resources in the process of transforming society. In so doing, they find the ultimate satisfaction in building a commited, spiritually-liberated citizenry.