Teacher III, Sta. Maria Elementary School, Macabebe West District

          Being a teacher demands a lot of work. Unlike the traditional educators, teachers nowadays carry more responsibilities. They are not confined in the four walls of the classroom anywhere. They are pushed to go out their comfort zone and develop themselves – personally and professionally – through seminars and active workshops.

          Teachers now are not only focused on teaching the curriculum content, testing the learning, and evaluating pupils’ performance. They are now put on the pedestal. They are motivated to stand in front of the crowd and facilitate learning cells.

          To be a teacher, having the skills to manage pedagogy is not enough. Knowledge about the “andragogy” – adult learning – is a must-have repertoire. The paradigm shift in the education has given teachers another responsibility, which is to teach other teachers.

          Not only that, teachers are expected to monitor their pupils’ health, encourage parents to have their children vaccinated with government’s free vaccines, and at times, be an agriculturist in developing their Gulayan sa Paralan to promote health and wellness on the pupils.

          Moreso, teachers are given another pressure from work during competitions. Aside from their preparation for their daily lessons, teachers do advance readings and contemplate on the strategies they can use to teach an advance lesson to their representative for the school’s glory and promotion. The “eight hours” of work is extended and that is a "free" over-time. There are also teachers, many of them, come to school even on weekends to finish all the loads of work given on their hands.

          With these responsibilities, teachers often forget themselves. Forget that their health is at risk. Forget to pamper and beautify their physical appearance. The stress and pressure of work consume their time and make them forget that “their selves” need “them” too.

          For teachers who are passionate in doing their job with excellence, I hope you do not forget to give yourself a break. You might think that your schedule is really full to give space for “rest” but never forget to give yourself a time to breathe, time to dream, time to contemplate on the good reasons why you are on the job.

          Self-love is important because if you learn how to love yourself, it will be easier to love the things you do. And that love of self and work will transcend and make you more successful on the things you do today.