Teacher III, Sta. Maria Elementary School, Macabebe West District

          Years of being in the education sector made me see so much: the insufficient number of classrooms to accommodate all the students comfortably, second-rate school facilities, scarcity of learning resources, and poverty showcased at its finest. Riding my motorcycle from one school to another somehow makes me compare each from the other one I have visited. There are times, I must admit, that my heart breaks because I know that all I can do is take notice of things that could have been done to the previous one to make it more like the last one I did see. Sharing my insights and experiences is nothing if it weren’t supported with enough funding and support, I know, so they all end up being just new sets of information, something to envy about, for the school where I teach. Even if my co-teachers and the administrators listen to me intently, we can do nothing more than proposing it to the department and wait for further actions to be taken.

          Apparently, our power as teachers is limited inside the classroom when it comes to decisions regarding these issues. We can only talk about it, suggest how things can be accomplished, and so on- but we never really have enough say on such concerns. I must tell you, though, that we are meant to change the lives of the children that come to us to learn more experience how education molds them into being better individuals. In reality, our power is to transform the lives of students -we are molders of future businessmen, investors, inventors, leaders, and just about anything they wish for themselves to be. Isn’t this power the strongest one in our society? When you can chart the course towards the future, you will want something more than the pressure of molding the nation’s hope- you will want (and need) all the support that the local and national government can give you. Allocation of funds isn’t enough step; it should be followed with implementation- we need it all. We need funds to have more books so that no student will have to use the excuse of not having been given the textbook for the assignment; support for the efficiency of teachers and sufficiency of school supplies and facilities- we need a make- over in the education sector.

          It is pointless to enumerate the things we need because these are basic necessities for the education and youth sectors to produce the best of the best, and they should never be taken for granted. As a teacher, it hurts my heart to think of all the things that could have and should have been done if only we invest more on education. Consider this our call to make a better and brighter future for the generation yet to come.