Teacher III, Sta. Maria Elementary School, Macabebe West District

          To be or not to be a teacher, that is the question and for all that has been said but have never actually been done, we have been trying to defend our choice to remain loyal to our profession as educators. It is not denied the fact we’re sometimes tempted to shift our gears towards better paying jobs here and abroad; because we’d be hypocrites if we do so. Rather, it is to reassure ourselves that we’re on the right track; and that we deserve to be here. As a teacher, I admit that there were times of doubt and disappointment in my chosen field. I asked myself too many times whether or not it is worth all the sacrifices I need to make. I question my fate as a public school teacher and had almost quit on it but I realized that it is my calling that I was born to share what I know to children entrusted to be in my class - I am always meant to be a teacher.

          To be or not to be, that was the question. When I was young, my parents would ask one what I wish to be when I grow up. Because I was fond of playing charades and acting like a teacher, I knew I wanted to become one. Through the years, my interest grew more and my family knew that I was serious about pursuing the craft. My father used to say that teaching is a gift because not everyone is given the ability to share a part of him as he spent with the students. At first, I thought I didn’t have the gift because I couldn’t connect with the kids as much as I wanted, but I worked even harder because I wanted to win their hearts. Being a public school teacher isn’t the most financially satisfying career there is on the planet. But all the sacrifices make sense when students learn from you- I guess that makes it the noblest job there is.

          To be or not to be a teacher, that is an invalid question. For there is no profession more satisfying than being an educator? None can give a more rewarding feeling than knowing how successfully you can mold a student into being the best version of them. To spire to become a teacher is synonymous with aiming to inspire future leaders, professionals, and beholders of a better future. It is always nice to hear students dreaming and waiting to be a teacher.